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On the Menu: David Chang Goes Vegetarian



August 20, 2009


David Chang Think it’s hard to get into Momofuko Ko? Try getting a vegetarian-friendly meal out of David Chang, whose menus have famously warned off non-meat eaters. But did you ever wonder what this multiple JBF Award winner would make if he couldn’t use pork (or beef, or chicken...)? Well, we did, and the lucky diners who snagged seats at tonight’s dinner at the Beard House are about to find out. Here’s a sneak peek at the menu: Hors d'Oeuvre: Smoked Potato Salad with Fines Herbes and Dill Granité Salt-Pickled Celeriac Sheets with Squash Farce, Donburi, and Chervil Red Ball Radishes with Butter, Poppy Seeds, and Black Sea Salt Dinner: Eckerton Hill Farm Cherry Tomatoes with Tofu, Shiso, and Sesame Hawthorne Valley Buttermilk Salad with Chives, Carrots, Apple Juice, and Pine Nuts Pea Soup with Dashi, Burnt Pea Tendrils, and Cucumber Balls Migliorelli Farm Beets with Seaweed Threads, Quark Cheese, Sugar-Snap Peas, and Beet Jus Roasted King Oyster Mushrooms with Pistachios, Icicle Radishes, and Daikon Sweet Corn Parfait with Chocolate and Sour Cream Tristar Strawberry Sorbet with Celery Root and Yellow Cake Stay tuned for pictures from this one-of-a-kind event! Note: Bummed that you missed out on this dinner? Become a fellow member and find out about upcoming events 3 months before the rest of the world. Not ready for that kind of commitment? Become a JBF Friend member for $29!