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Recipe Roundup: Comfort Food Favorites

Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman

January 28, 2016


After the excitement and bustle of the holiday season, January might feel like it can drag on forever—but that doesn't mean your recipes need to follow suit. This week, set aside your Redzepi-inspired creations and that 30-step recipe for Pierre Hermé macarons and make one of these simple, satisfying dishes instead.

Roast Chicken with Basil, Scallions, Lemon Butter, and Potatoes
It doesn't get much better than a butter-rubbed roast chicken with crisp potatoes. This easy recipe from Mindy Fox's lovely A Bird in the Oven, and Then Some is one you'll return to again and again.

Farmer's Mac and Cheese
The most popular recipe on our website, this decadent dish is a trumped-up take on the most comforting of comfort foods.

Spicy Barbecue-Flavored Brisket
Despite its name, this dish is not actually spicy. The rich gravy is mild, slightly sweet, and delicious spooned over mashed potatoes.

Mocha Chip Brownies
Studded with chunks of milk chocolate and laced with a jolt of espresso, these brownies from Craft pastry chef Jennifer McCoy are an indulgent treat.

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Anya Hoffman is a freelance writer and contributing editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter.