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Staff Recipe: Chicken Kitchen Chop Chop



August 20, 2009


ChickenEven though JBF Awards department staffer Janie Schneider is known around the office for the elaborate dinners she prepares for herself and law student boyfriend, Russell, it’s this simple, homey dish that she makes when she’s homesick for Miami. It’s her adaptation of the chicken and rice dish from the Chicken Kitchen chain (a South Florida cult favorite) that she enjoyed growing up. “When I moved to New York my sister (who still lives in Miami) would call me on her way home from Chicken Kitchen and I always wished I was in the car with her. So I decided to make my own version of Chop Chop. It’s not as good, but the curry mustard sauce reminds me of high school afternoons by the pool,” says Janie. “Okay, so it’s glorified fast food,” she admits. “Some say it’s similar to Arroz con Pollo, but when you’re Jewish and don’t have a Cuban grandmother to make that dish for you, this hits the spot.”