Leah Jones

Leah Jones is the co-founder of Crickers, a company that makes healthy, sustainable snack foods out of cricket flour in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Southwestern University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies. She has been actively involved in environmental and food systems work since age 15 as a leader of the Sierra Student Coalition, the student-run branch of the Sierra Club, and has since organized various successful renewable energy campaigns on her college campus and in the greater Central Texas community. She has worked on several organic farms and for food justice organizations from Texas to the Northeast, including Sustainable Food Center, the Food Project, and Urban Roots, and spent a year as a FoodCorps service member teaching food systems education to kindergarten through high school-aged youth in Massachusetts. After a lot of research and recipe experimentation, Leah and her business partner and fellow former college intern at the Sierra Club turned their passion for entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, into a company in June 2014, and have been devoted to normalizing the consumption of insects in the United States ever since.