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“Consistent, simple food tastes great. Food with a story tastes better. Food with a story you haven’t heard before tastes better than that, and if you can connect to that story, well, that makes it an American Classic, one of our best-loved restaurants.”

— Andrew Zimmern, JBF Award-winning host, Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods

“This tome of mouthwatering classic recipes beautifully celebrates the history and diversity of quintessential American dishes.” 

Carla Hall, chef, author, and co-host of The Chew

“This wonderful collection of America’s Classics award winners is so true to James Beard’s spirit and shows the deep affection and respect we all share for hard-working mom-and-pop cooks.”

Ted Allen, JBF Award-winning host, Food Network’s Chopped

"We were lucky enough to have spent time with James Beard who was a passionate advocate of the food of this nation in an era when the press wrote only about the cooking of France and Italy. Jim encouraged our earliest Roadfood adventures, and we know that this handsome book would have made him smile. It is a perfect homage to American food at its best.”

Jane and Michael Stern, authors of Roadfood

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