Waste Not Curriculum


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The James Beard Foundation is proud to introduce Waste Not, an online course by the James Beard Foundation—created with founding support from the Rockefeller Foundation, served up by Morton Salt®, and with our Food Waste Tracking partner, Leanpath—and designed to introduce food waste reduction methods into the culinary school classroom. This course is intended to complement your existing curriculum by providing information on the history of food waste and creative approaches for combatting it.

To combat this startling and untenable trend in food waste, the James Beard Foundation is focused on supporting an industry-wide change in the way our nation’s restaurants value and respect our food resources. Waste Not provides technical and creative approaches to food waste, and examines the need to reduce food loss along the entire supply chain.

With our train-the-trainer model, we aim to arm culinary school instructors with the tools they need to educate the next generation of chefs and culinary professionals on food waste reduction.

Over the next year, we will be taking this course on the road in the form of culinary labs across the country. At these labs, we’ll walk you through the course platform, facilitate a training session, and give a hands-on demonstration of two of the course activities.

Creating a Full-Use Kitchen would not be possible without the support of our advisory committee, instructor committee, and Andrew F. Smith of the Food Studies Program at The New School in New York.

For more information, contact impact@jamesbeard.org.