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Knowledge is growth. Growth breeds success.

The James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program provides support to aspiring students in multiple areas of food and culinary studies in this ever-expanding universe of knowledge. Professional grants enable those already working in the industry to gain experience and hone their skills.


2016 Scholarship Applications

The scholarship application period has closed. The deadline for professional grants is June 15. For complete information about Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions, CLICK HERE to visit the James Beard Foundation Scholarships page on Scholarship America.

This link includes:

  • Specific information about all scholarships:
    • James Beard Foundation National Scholars
    • JBF Friends Award List
    • JBF Schools Award List
    • Professional grants
  • Complete application forms with instructions
  • Financial instructions
  • Contact information

Our online application period for 2016 scholarships has closed. Please check back in February 2017 for 2017 scholarship news. Applications for next year will be available online starting April 1, 2017.

Information you'll need to complete the application for the James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program:

  • Identify the school you plan to attend
  • Transcripts from post-secondary schools
  • High school transcript if you are a senior in high school
  • Your selected major of study
  • Cumulative GPA from your most recent school
  • Your rank-in-class, if applicable
  • Your SAT and/or ACT scores, if applicable
  • List of your paid work experience
  • List of your school and community volunteer (unpaid) activities
  • Brief statement of your professional goals and aspirations
  • Brief statement of any unusual family or personal circumstances
  • Brief essays required for certain scholarships (see listing)
  • Financial Data Information (contained in the application)
  • A completed applicant appraisal form (see form in application) from a school counselor or adviser, or a work supervisor who knows you well

Please read the descriptions for all scholarships carefully as some have additional requirements.​

Scholarship News

The James Beard Foundation National Scholars Program

This year marks the beginning of the JBF National Scholars Program, which aims to provide high-impact scholarships of up to $20,000 to food-focused candidates of exceptional talent. Candidates should demonstrate leadership, community involvement, and academic excellence, and they should aspire to leadership roles in the culinary arts, food studies, hospitality management, agriculture, and more.

Candidates for our ten (10) JBF National Scholarships will be selected annually according to their academic merit and personal and professional recommendations. To ensure regional diversity of this national program, one awardee will be selected from each of the ten geographic regions defined by the James Beard Foundation Awards.​

The Friends of James Beard Scholarships will continue to offer cash awards that students may apply to tuition at licensed or accredited programs of learning.

The James Beard School Scholarships are offered by the host schools and help students achieve credit towards their tuition.

Types of JBF Scholarships

The James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program includes a number of scholarships that change year to year. There are unrestricted cash awards, cash awards with specific restrictions or qualifications, and scholarships to specific schools that can be applied to tuition at those schools only.

Scholarship Background

Our Scholarship Program is one of our educational pillars, essential to the fulfillment of our mission to celebrate, nurture, and honor America’s diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire.

Applications that are submitted by May 15 will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scholarship Management Services division of Scholarship America, a well-respected nonprofit organization dedicated to making post-secondary education available to all. 

Since its founding over 50 years ago, Scholarship America has distributed more than $3 billion in financial aid to over 2 million students.

Finalists will be reviewed by the James Beard Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee, under the direction of JBF president, Susan Ungaro. Recipients will be notified by the end of August.

Read stories about JBF scholarship recipients. 

Work Study Grants

The Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant

Chef Jean-Louis Palladin is considered one of the culinary geniuses of the 20th century. He was a master of his craft, known for his creativity, passion, technique, and commitment to the very best. Jean-Louis was as much a teacher as a chef, encouraging and mentoring many while demanding perfection of himself and all around him. He was funny, laughed easily, and embraced life fully.

The James Beard Foundation is proud to offer the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant. Created to perpetuate the mission and programs of the Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation, the initiative will provide a series of annual grants of up to $10,000 to working chefs.

This grant will allow recipients to spend time learning from and working with master growers, producers, and food artisans; to toil alongside renowned chefs in America and abroad; and to study varied specialized skills.

Learn more about the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant.

JLP Grant Application



The Rhone Rangers Professional Study/Travel Grant

Mission of the Rhone Rangers: advancing the knowledge and enjoyment of Rhone wines produced in America.
The James Beard Foundation and the Rhone Rangers offer this professional study/travel grant to enable working sommeliers or chefs to learn about American Rhone varietal wines by visiting several notable wineries and meeting the winemakers. The amount of the grant will be based on the time and expense needed to complete a specific itinerary. Covered expenses (up to $5,000) are: air and ground travel, lodging, and meals. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.
This opportunity allows the recipient to visit Rhone Ranger winery members to get a better understanding of where in the US the Rhone varietal grapes are grown, how the wines are made, and to get a sense of their vineyard terroir. The goal will be to provide a greater understanding and appreciation of the quality, diversity, and food-friendliness of American Rhone wines. Recipients are required to submit a plan at the conclusion of their trip, drawing on what they have learned and stating how they plan to demonstrate their new knowledge as part of their wine program at their workplace. (For example, building American Rhone flights to be paired with small plates at their restaurant or wine bar.)

Rhone Rangers Grant Application

For more information, please contact Diane Harris Brown, JBF's director of educational and community programming, at or at 212.627.1128.