Eat-Q Test: American Food

1. What famous Boston restaurant claims Boston cream pie as its own creation?
A) Fairmont Copley Plaza
B) Omni Parker House
C) The Charles Hotel         
D) Ritz-Carlton Boston

2. John Adams called this Philadelphia restaurant “the most genteel tavern in America.”
A) Old Original Bookbinder’s            
B) Oyster House Diner
C) The City Tavern
D) Melrose

3. Which two ingredients are in a classic New York City egg cream?
A) Chocolate sauce and seltzer    
B) Eggs and cream
C) Cream and seltzer         
D) Chocolate and vanilla ice cream

4. Which iconic Chicago dish came to be during the Great Depression?
A) Deep-dish pizza    
B) Italian beef sandwich
C) Chicken Vesuvio         
D) Chicago-style hot dog

5. Which of the following was not invented in Los Angeles?
A) Hot fudge sundae        
B) French dip sandwich
C) Cobb salad     
D) Nachos

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