Eat-Q Test: Booze from Around the World

How well do you know foreign drinks? Match each beverage’s description to its name.

1. A non alcoholic drink popular across Latin America, made from fermented maize and usually flavored with other fruits. Traditionally prepared by chewing on ground maize to release its starches.

2. A Hungarian and Transylvanian brandy made from local fruits like apricots, pears, plums, sour cherries, or mulberries. It’s meant to be served room temperature, in a tulip-shaped glass, to emphasize the smell of the fruit.

3. Extremely popular in Austria, this carbonated soft drink is made of grape and apple juice concentrates flavored with herbs. It’s similar to ginger ale, with a slightly more bitter flavor.

4. An unsweetened, anise-flavored spirit commonly consumed alongside mezze platters in Turkey as an aperitif. When diluted with water, the clear spirit turns milky-white, leading to the nickname “lion’s milk.”

5. A highly alcoholic, juniper-flavored drink popular in the Netherlands, where it’s served ice-cold. Although it’s a precursor to modern-day gin, this particular liquor was traditionally sold for medicinal purposes.

6. An anise-flavored spirit including botanicals like wormwood, referred to as “The Green Fairy” in literature and banned in America for several years due to its supposed “psychoactive” effects.

7. This strong-tasting, caraway seed-flavored schnapps made from fermented potatoes is a signature liquor of Iceland, whose name translates in English as “burning wine”

8. A Chinese “white wine” whose high enough alcohol content qualifies it as a liquor, made from distilled sorghum or glutinous rice, with a strong scent that some have compared to paint thinner.

9. An anise-flavored aperitif consumed throughout Greece, usually slow sipped with ice or water, and once called “a substitute for absinthe without the wormwood.”

10. A Spanish fermented alcoholic drink made from apple juice, often with a funky, acidic flavor, traditionally poured in small quantities into a large glass from a height, in order to aerate drink.

A. Jenever

B. Ouzo

C. Almdudler

D. Brennivin

E. Sidra

F. Palinka

G. Baijiu

H. Raki

I. Chicha

J. Absinthe

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