Eat-Q Test: Culinary Innovations

Ever since caveman put flame to flesh, technology and food have been intertwined. Test your knowledge about culinary innovations throughout history with this quiz from the April/May 2011 issue of JBF Notes. Read on for the questions featured and more. Once you think you've got them solved, click through for the answers and your Eat-Q score.

1. Craig Claiborne called which machine “perhaps the best food invention since toothpicks”?

A.  Blender
B.  Food processor
C.  Silicone spatula
D.  Dutch oven

2. Albert Einstein secured patents for, but never developed commercially, which of these kitchen appliances?

A.  Microwave
B.  Toaster Oven
C.  Immersion Circulator
D.  Refrigerator

3. The microwave was originally called this:

A.  Radar Range
B.  Food Zapper
C.  MicroOven
D.  Mini Quick

4. True or False: the dishwasher was invented by a wealthy housewife who was frustrated that her servants were chipping her fine china when they washed it.

A.  True
B.  False

5.  In 1917, the US Navy adopted this machine as standard equipment for all battleship galleys:

A.  KitchenAid standing mixer
B.  Cuisinart food processor
C.  Mr. Coffee drip machine
D.  Wusthof knife set

6.  Who invented the quick-freeze method for food?

A.  Thomas Edison
B.  Clarence Birdseye
C.  Harold McGee
D.  Julia Child

7.  The inventor of this kitchen tool originally called the appliance “bamix,” a portmanteau of the French "bat et mixe" (beats and mixes)

A.  Immersion blender
B.  Food processor
C.  Hand mixer
D.  Electric whisk

8.  Which of these materials was originally named after a character in the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie?”

A.  Aluminum foil
B.  Tupperware
C.  Saran Wrap
D.  Wax paper

9.  The Latin word meaning “to scorch or burn” gives name to this machine:

A.  Oven
B.  Toaster
C.  Microwave
D.  E-Z Bake

10.  Which of these is not a type of coffeemaker?

A.  Glass balloon
B.  Piston
C.  Napierian balancing siphon
D.  Caboose

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