Eat-Q Test: I Love to Eat!

How well do you know James Beard? We based these trivia questions on I Love to Eat, a one-man play written by playwright James Still.

1.  Which of the following was Beard’s secret to a juicy hamburger?

A.  Salt and pepper
B.  Ice and cream
C.  Mayonnaise
D.  Butter

2.  Beard spent his childhood in which of the following current culinary hot spots?

A.  Portland, Maine
B.  New York City
C.  Chicago
D.  Portland, Oregon

3.  Which of the following was James Beard’s favorite vegetable?

A.  Onion
B.  Asparagus
C.  Broccoli
D.  Carrot

4.  Which of the following was James Beard’s drink of choice?

A.  Wine
B.  Scotch
C.  Beer
D.  Iced tea with fresh mint

5.  True or false: James Beard preferred gas stoves to electric.

6.  James Beard didn’t like the word “gourmet.” He preferred which of the following terms?

A.  Epicure
B.  Culinarian
C.  Foodie
D.  Gourmand

7.  True or false: James Beard was known to talk to strangers on the telephone.

8.  Which of the following is the culture and cuisine that James Beard loved since he was a child:

A.  Spanish
B.  French
C.  Chinese
D.  Indian

9.  Before turning his attention to a television and cookbook career, Beard tried his hand at which of the following vocations?

A.  Acting
B.  Opera
C.  Catering
D.  All of the above

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