Eat-Q Test: Iconic New York (answers)

1.    An oversized grilled mutton chop, served on the bone with a curl of fat

Answer: J

2.    Bluepoint oysters served in a “pan roast” of cream, butter, clam juice, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce and chili sauce

Answer: F

3.    Pastrami, cured in-house and thinly sliced, then piled high on rye bread with spicy yellow mustard

Answer: H

4.    Thick-cut slabs of marinated pork belly, tucked into a soft steamed Chinese bun with hoisin sauce, scallions and cucumbers

Answer: A

5.    Spaghetti primavera with fresh vegetables and toasted pine nuts, tossed in light cream sauce

Answer: I

6.    A thin, griddle-seared hamburger served on a squishy potato roll with crisp vegetables and the restaurant’s signature creamy sauce 

Answer: C

7.    Eggs served any style with silky smoked sturgeon and a bagel or bialy 

Answer: G

8.    A puffy, golden-crusted soufflé laced with Grand Marinier and doused with powdered sugar

Answer: B

9.    Brick-oven plain pizza, topped with a three-cheese blend, fresh basil and olive oil

Answer: E

10.    A single large ravioli, filled with an egg yolk, fresh ricotta cheese and spinach, immersed in a brown butter and truffle sauce 

Answer: D

Your Eat-Q score:

9 correct: ****
6–8: ***
3–5: **
2 or fewer: Fuggedaboutit!