Eat-Q Test: Sustainable Cuisine Pioneers

1.  Fergus Henderson of St. John Restaurant in London is most famous for this philosophy toward cooking and eating:

A.  Premium product
B.  Nose-to-tail
C.  All organic, all the time
D.  Vegetarians for health

2.  Chris Cosentino of Incanto in San Francisco was the first chef in the city to ban this product from his restaurant:

A.  Saturated fats
B.  Okra
C.  Bottled water
D.  Paper plates

3.  During a 2009 trip to New York City, Barack and Michelle Obama ate at this restaurant, which almost exclusively serves locally-grown cuisine, much of it from their own farm in upstate New York:

A.  Blue Hill
B.  Rao’s
C.  Momofuku
D.  Le Bernardin

4.  The Frontera Farmer Foundation, which gives grant money to Chicago-area local farms, was founded by this chef:

A.  Rick Bayless
B.  Charlie Trotter
C.  Grant Achatz
D.  Doug Sohn

5.  David Kinch of Manresa in Los Gatos, California, recently went “beyond” farm-to-table by doing this:

A.  Building a farm on his rooftop
B.  Only using ingredients he foraged for himself
C.  Raising pigs in his personal backyard
D.  Working directly with a specific farm to custom-grow vegetables

6.  Which of the following is not true about Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters?

A.  She’s been called “the mother of American cuisine”
B.  She founded the Edible Schoolyard program
C.  She named her daughter after a rare breed of heirloom tomato
D.  She received the Global Environmental Citizen Award along with Kofi Annan

7.  True or false: Alain Passard of L'Arpège in Paris grows his own vegetable on a farm 120 miles outside of the city and shuttles them to his restaurant every day via high-speed train.

A.  True
B.  False

8.  Michel Nischan of the Dressing Room in Connecticut founded an organization to promote locally-grown food with a little help from this Hollywood star:

A.  Tom Cruise
B.  Paul Newman
C.  Steven Spielberg
D.  Clint Eastwood

9.  Peter Hoffman of Savoy in New York has been known to shop the city’s farmers markets with this accessory in tow:

A.  A magnifying glass to inspect produce
B.  A bloodhound to sniff out the best vegetables
C.  A bicycle with an oversized basked for carrying produce
D.  None of the above

10.  Britain’s “Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver has been working on an advocacy campaign to get this institution to provide meals from local, organic farmers:

A.  Hospitals
B.  Schools
C.  Prisons
D.  Movie theaters

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