Recipe: Creamy Beer Soup

soup As much as we love Thanksgiving, we know that the ensuing days of picking through your leftovers can get a little wearying. Take a break from the turkey sandwiches with this unusual beer soup, which comes from Brother Victor-Antoine d’Avila-Latourrette of Our Lady of the Resurrection monastery in upstate New York. It's made with a classic Trappist beer called Achel, which can be found in specialty beer shops and upscale grocery stores like Whole Foods. You can also visit for a distributor near you.

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Eat this Word: Bock

bockWHAT? Easter brew. According to The Beer Drinker's Bible, bock beers are associated with Easter and originated in Einbeck, Germany, in the 14th and 15th centuries. ("Bock," which means goat in German, may be a corruption of "beck.") Bocks are aged for at least one month. They're full-flavored, exhibit a malty sweetness, and may taste slightly of chocolate. The alcohol content of bock-style beer, about 7 percent, is relatively high. WHERE? Tom Perini's Beard House dinner WHEN? November 19, 2009 HOW? Shiner Bock Beer

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