Recipe: Poached Black Cod with Sausage-Spiced Butter Sauce

Poached Black Cod with Sausage-Spiced Butter SauceThis elegant but easy seafood dish from chef John Newman of Newmans at 988 recently joined our regular rotation of weeknight meals. Black cod, which is also sold as sablefish, gently cooks in cream and wine, then gets doused in a rich butter sauce enlivened with bits of Italian sausage. Get the recipe here.

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On the Menu: Italian Luncheon

Craig Wallen At charming West Village newcomer Spasso (Italian for “amusement”), executive chef Craig Wallen has created a crowd-pleasing menu of traditional and contemporary regional dishes. A Michael White protégé who also cooked with Mario Batali at Lupa, Wallen knows his way around an Italian kitchen and delivers the seasonal, osteria-inspired fare to prove it. If you're looking for a leisurely way to spend this Friday's lunch hour, we invite you to join us at the Beard House for an Italian meal prepared by Wallen. Click here to make a reservation. Hors d’Oeuvre Chicken Liver Crostini Lardo Fried Oysters with Lemon–Caper Crema Stracciatella Cheese on Grilled Bread Pairings: Opera 02 Lambrusco Rosé 2009; Opera 02 Lambrusco Amabile 2009 Luncheon Rabbit Sott

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Eat this Word: Kabayaki

Kabayaki WHAT? Slithery sustenance. The Japanese love kabayaki—grilled eel in a sweet, soy-based sauce—so much, they have even dedicated an entire day to eating it. On Ushinohi, which is celebrated in August, eel restaurants all over Japan do a booming business; politicians are sometimes photographed smiling as they dine on their kabayaki; and, according to Charmaine Solomon’s Encyclopedia of Asian Food, 900 tons of eel are consumed. The eel is served over rice and is thought to be restorative in the enervating August heat. A Dictionary of Japanese Food calls kabayaki "one of Japan’s great treats," and a Japanese friend confirms that Japanese people would consider it right up there with sushi and tempura as a representative food of their country. These days though, she confesses, not everybody eats kabayaki straight from the grill as a connoisseur would insist. "Nowadays you can buy it in the supermarket and microwave it." WHERE?

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Cookbook Sweepstakes: We Have a Winner!


Remember the sweepstakes we ran last month? We're happy to announce that A. Baldwin of East Haddam, Connecticut is the lucky winner of five indispensable JBF Award-winning cookbooks! Congrats! Don't forget, you can find all of the 2011 Award-winning and -nominated cookbooks in our Amazon store.

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An Autumnal Cheese Primer

An autumnal cheese primer from chef Matt Jennings and the James Beard Foundation

Sure, fall’s harvest brings tons of great produce, but as JBF Award nominee, chef, and master cheesemonger Matt Jennings explains, it’s also the peak season for cheese.


You can tell a lot about your cheese from how it tastes, and the flavors of true artisan American cheeses are as varied as the seasons in which they’re created.

It’s a well-known truth in the tight-knit world of professional cheesemongers that autumn in particular brings a bounty of small-production cheeses from farms and producers across the country—each with a distinct flavor profile and a story all its own.

While it can be hard to choose, here are some of our favorite cheeses to purchase and consume in the autumn months.

Vermont Shepherd // Vermont Shepherd Farm, Vermont
Vermont Shepherd, an American raw-milk classic, is created by David Major o... Read more >

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On the Menu: Brooklyn Cooks

Brooklyn Cooks For the next installment of our Greens programming series, we're bringing the best of Brooklyn to the Beard House! Join us on September 18 for a special multi-course dinner prepared by the chefs, wine experts, and butchers that make Brooklyn the city's most creative food borough. Participating chefs include Saul Bolton of Saul and Vanderbilt, Jessica and Josh Applestone Fleisher's Grass-Fed and Organic Meats, and George Weld of Egg. The full lineup and menu, including some recently added wine pairings, can be found

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