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Daily Digest: February 25, 2014

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

February 25, 2014


cheddar cheese

Everything you need to know about cheddar, the most popular cheese in the world. [Boston Globe]

Buddha's hand: it looks freaky, but actually has many uses in the kitchen. [Smithsonian]

Los Angelenos, you now have a chance to eat a cronut without hopping on a plane to New York. [LAT]

How is California's drought affecting the state's grass-fed beef industry? There's not very much grass to eat. [SFGate]

Five beers to sample during New York City Beer Week. [Gothamist]

Study: changing livestock farming practices could more effectively curb global warming than consumers adopting vegetarian diets. [NPR]

Some San Francisco–based Girl Scouts are doing very "brisk" business in front of medical marijuana dispensaries. [Smithsonian]