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Eat This Word: Pea Shoots

Elena North-Kelly

Elena North-Kelly

April 27, 2015


WHAT? Trendy tendrils. Long used in Chinese cooking, pea shoots are just beginning to find popularity on menus in this country. The pretty green tendrils, actually the leaves and shoots of the young pea plant, are a spring delicacy in China. Pea shoots, called dau miu in their native land, may be grown from a variety of pea plants but are traditionally culled from immature snow peas. Pea shoots are sweet, tender, and have a strong pea taste. You cook them as you might any green—very quickly in hot oil with, perhaps, salt, garlic, and a splash of sherry or rice wine.

WHERE? Beltane in the Berkshires 

WHEN? April 28, 2015

HOW? Housemade High Lawn Farm Ricotta Gnocchi with the Meat Market–Cured Blue Hill Farm Prosciutto, Indian Line Farm Pea Shoots, and Aged Berleberg Cheese