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Food Reads: Picnic Eats and Malaysian Coffee Shops

Isabel Bass

July 08, 2016


This magical color-changing cocktail has all the fun of a mood ring adapted for adults. [NYT]  

Celebrate these long summer days with a rainbow of picnic-friendly salad recipes. [Food & Wine]

Kyo Pang is bringing something new to the New York coffee scene by using authentic Malaysian ingredients. [Saveur]

Food policy guru Marion Nestle weighs in on the upcoming election’s minimal focus on the food industry. [Modern Farmer]

An ongoing feud over a secret sauce recipe might be linked to the murder of Louis Barbati, owner of Italian favorite L & B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn. [NYT]

These stylish and practical totes, made specifically for produce, will save you and the environment from that crinkly roll of thin plastic bags. [Food52]

Sweet grilled corn is already a barbecue favorite, but the addition of this savory olive tapenade is sure to take it to the next level. [The Kitchn]