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Greenhouse Gallery: Life on the Farm in Willamette Valley



July 26, 2011


Life on the Farm in Willamette Valley When Clare Carver isn't bringing the farm to table, she's vibrantly expressing it on canvas; her latest collection, Life on the Farm in Willamette Valley, is now on display at the Greenhouse Gallery at the Beard House. In a collaborative effort to produce what they love to eat and drink, Clare and her husband, Brian Marcy, run Big Table Farm, a 70-acre farm and winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Her work is integrally linked to rural life: raising cattle, goats, and chickens, training draft horses, and producing Big Table Farm wines, which were recently poured at a Beard House dinner featuring Portland’s popular European-style gastropub, Clyde Commons. Clare’s paintings, which reflect her life and work on the 110-year-old homestead, have been exhibited throughout the Bay Area, the Northwest, and Australia, including solo shows in San Francisco, Napa, and Sonoma. She studied on the East Coast at Tyler School of Art and has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. With inspiration drawn from the rural surroundings of Willamette Valley, Clare’s paintings have a rich and immediate style, and a signature depth of color. Whether you’re already dining at the Beard House or just strolling through the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and take a look—the exhibit is open to the public, and will be on display through the end of August.