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August 03, 2011


Grilled Loup de Mer with Braised FennelGrilled loup de mer with braised fennel

Though we love a good hot dog, everyone's grilling arsenal should also include a few easy but elegant crowd-pleasing dishes. Grilled Texas Tenderloin Oak wood chips lend this succulent tenderloin a powerful smoky flavor. California-Style Char Siu Pork Tacos So easy and so delicious. Just make sure to give this recipe from Suzanne Tracht the time it deserves: for best results, the pork needs to marinate for three to five days before grilling. Grilled Loup de Mer with Braised Fennel Also known as branzino, loup de mer is hearty enough to stand up to the grill in this Mediterranean-inspired dish. Beef Kebabs Chef Jehangir Mehta serves these kebabs with chipotle mayo, but they're also delicious with tzatziki.