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James Beard Welcomes Dinova, A Deeper Connection to Corporate Dining

JBF Editors

May 20, 2014


James Beard Welcomes Dinova, A Deeper Connection to Corporate Dining

Business diners often bring a unique perspective to the dinner table: some gatherings are set in the name of team building. Others are planned under the sales and account-management halo. Sometimes two colleagues dine together for a mix of business and personal conversation. Regardless of what inspires these guests to eat together, there’s no question that work and food share a fruitful relationship: a great meal can help to cement a new business deal, while business travelers and corporate events play a key role in the health of the restaurant industry.

Thanks to Dinova, a new James Beard Foundation partner, the intersection of dining and business is growing even more productive. Working directly with many of America’s largest corporate brands, Dinova steers professionals and business travelers to its growing nationwide network of restaurants. Dinova has more than 10,000 establishments on its roster, and the James Beard House, located in New York City’s charming Greenwich Village, is pleased to join them.

The James Beard Foundation supports Dinova’s mission to bring corporations and restaurants together for mutually beneficial relationships. Dinova is taking steps to educate its corporate clients about JBF and the unique dining experience it affords to travelers and staff. The James Beard Foundation encourages its own Corporate Culinary members to learn more about Dinova and the unique marketing benefits it provides.