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Recipe: Le Père-Bis Cocktail

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

January 09, 2014


Jim Meehan's hot toddy: Le Père-Bis

In search of a unique hot toddy recipe, we turned to Jim Meehan, who can be found stirring and shaking cocktails at New York City’s PDT, winner of the JBF Award for Outstanding Bar Program in 2012. He shared his favorite take on this wintertime pick-me-up: Le Père-Bis. “A few years ago, Rob Cooper asked me to create a winter warmer with what was then was his new spirit, St-Germain,” Meehan told us. “I mixed it with one of Islay’s legendary peat monsters, Ardbeg 10 Year, and found that the elderflower balanced the Scotch gracefully.”

Get the recipe here.

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