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Fighting Food Waste with JBF Chefs Boot Camp Alums

Maggie Borden

June 13, 2016



This month we’re focused on how to turn scraps into stunners through our Instagram campaign on fighting food waste. Curious about transforming your trimmings into something truly delicious, but not sure where to start? Get inspiration from these waste-averse recipes from the award-winning alumni of our Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change. From a spin on burgers to a deeply satisfying stew, these dishes are sure to have you saving every stem and root on the cutting board.

Chile–Cilantro Pesto
This pesto from JBF Award winner Rick Bayless takes the leftover cilantro from your last batch of guacamole and turns it into a versatile condiment that keeps for weeks. [Food & Wine

Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly
When it comes to fighting waste, bet on the brine. This rib-sticking stew from Porchetta’s Sara Jenkins spikes its pork belly base with kimchi for an addictive combination of spicy, sour, and sweet. [Food52]  

Skillet Chilaquiles
Clean out your crisper drawer with this recipe for skillet chilaquiles from JBF Award winner Mary Sue Milliken, which combines tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese with whatever vegetables you might be lingering in the back of your fridge. [Lucky Peach]

Beet–Walnut Burger
These ain’t your momma’s Boca burgers: JBF Award winner Tory Miller takes the veggie burger to a new level by incorporating beets, walnuts, and vegetable scraps into the patty. [Plate Online]

Stuck with a loaf of stale bread? Forgo French toast for these delectable and rich strangolapreti, or cheese-stuffed Italian dumplings, courtesy of JBF Award winner Jonathon Sawyer. [Saveur]

Share your food waste–fueled dishes on Instagram with our hashtag #jbfnofoodwaste and you could score a free copy of Steven Satterfield’s Root to Leaf. Learn more about the contest and how to enter.