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Reel Food: JBF! on! Jeopardy!



April 14, 2010


Here at JBF we long ago secured our place in culinary history, but last Thursday night we finally entered the annals of television game shows with an appearance on Jeopardy! Sandwiched between topics like "Presidential Pastimes," "Reality TV," and "Sounds," JBF had its very own category on the show's iconic question board. In case you missed it, check out the footage here. And congrats to Marv Peña, the video game lawyer from Redwood City, CA, who answered four out of the five questions correctly. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep the magic alive, finishing the final round in a distant third place. (We bet it was due to those pesky, time-sensitive buzzers.) Marv, consider your consolation prize a seat at a Beard House dinner anytime...