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What Would You Cook for James Beard? Part IV

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

May 07, 2012


We've been asking our gala reception chefs what they would cook for James Beard if they had the chance. Here are some more of their responses:

JBF Award Winner Norman Van Aken, Tuyo, Miami
“Billi-bi soup would be on the menu for sure. I took a version of that from Beard’s recipe and made it into the most successful soup I’ve ever (co)created. His Theory and Practice of Good Cooking was the first cookbook I ever bought.”
Bryan Forgione, Society Café at Encore Las Vegas
“I would serve him homemade pasta with fresh stewed tomatoes and basil from the garden. It was from Beard on Pasta that I learned how to make fresh pastas, and this preparation is how we would test out the batches at my mother’s house.”