JBF Food Summit Archive

2017 JBF Food Summit: Consuming Power

What do Americans want from their food? What do the challenges and opportunities for a sustainable food system look like in the new political landscape? Where are the new levers of change for policy and business? How can we engage consumers to encourage companies and governments to provide the healthful and delicious food everyone wants to eat. And what role can chefs and other leaders in the culinary industry play?

2016 JBF Food Conference: Now Trending: The Making of a Food Movement

The phrase “Now Trending” has become commonplace in the global vocabulary, but how do trends come to be, and in some cases take on a life of their own? While some trends evolve to the point of changing business models and growing our economy, others are fleeting ideas gone in a week. The conference, brought together a diverse group of experts from across disciplines to explore the genesis and lifecycle of trends and apply that knowledge to food-system issues. Using food waste and other issues that are now trending, the conference agenda unpacked the way interest and enthusiasm for a topic build to become a social movement.

2015 JBF Food Conference: Rethinking the Future of Food

Too often it seems that the future of our food is in the hands of others. Innovations in science and technology are unfolding every day with consumers feeling like recipients of their food system, instead of engaged participants. What if we rethink this equation and ask ourselves, “What is the future of food we want to create?” The agenda inlcuded panels, presentations, and conversations that gave a broad perspective of the future of food, examining the future of health, the future of the kitchen, and the future of the farm.

2014 JBF Food Conference: Food and Health

The 2014 James Beard Foundation Annual Food Conference took on one of the most discussed and debated topics in America today. How does the way we eat impact our health? For better or worse, food is increasingly linked to our personal, communal and environmental wellbeing. JBF invited attendees to participate in a provocative and productive conversation about creating a prescription for a healthier America.