Ask a Chef: Anthony Bourdain, where should we eat?

Anthony Bourdain JBF Award winner Anthony Bourdain is known for his audacious spirit, quick wit, and adventurous palate. He took a break between country-hopping to tell us his musings about the world’s best restaurants and the chefs who inspire him. Check out who makes his list.

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On the Menu: Next Year in Food

Next Year in FoodTwo weeks ago we gave you our dining predictions for 2010—now it's time to hear from the real experts. We contacted chefs and restaurateurs like Drew Nieporent, Nancy Silverton, and Tony Mantuano to hear what they think is in store for the industry next year. Click here to find out what they told us.

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Ask a Chef: Daniel Boulud

Daniel Boulud A multiple JBF Award winner and 1995 inductee into the Who's Who, Daniel Boulud is a culinary legend. He may be one of the most tireless chefs we know, but he still needs a place to unwind and enjoy a great meal. Check out his favorite dining spots in New York City.

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