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Check Out our 2022 Broadcast Media Award Nominees

Featuring podcasts, docuseries, TikToks, and more.

JBF Editors

June 10, 2022


Across all platforms, our 2022 Broadcast Media Award nominees found new and exciting ways to wake up our minds and our palates. From TikToks on the Pacific Coast's most delectable seaweed to wine-focused cooking competitions to emotional oral histories of Black American cuisine, we can't stop indulging in this feast of plates, cakes, and knowledge. Scroll down to find new favorites.

Note: some media require logins or paid subscriptions.

Documentary/Docuseries Visual Media 
Airs on: Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and Vimeo 

High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America
Airs on: Netflix 

The Hungriest State
Airs on: Mississippi State University Television / Mississippi Public Broadcasting 

Instructional Visual Media  
Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television
Airs on: American Public Television 

Food Network Kitchen - Everything You Need to Know About Collard Greens
Airs on: Food Network Kitchen 

The Wild Harvest with Alan Bergo
Airs on: Vimeo 

Reality or Competition Visual Media  
School of Chocolate - Flying Chocolate
Airs on: Netflix 

Airs on: SOMM TV 

Top Chef Family Style - Truffles, Caviar & Prawns -- Oh My!
Airs on: Peacock 

Commercial/Sponsored Visual Media  
Justin V. Barocas, Evan Hayes, Dawn Porter, and Marcus Samuelsson
Uber Eats Presents: On the Rise with Marcus Samuelsson
Airs on: Eater, YouTube, Instagram 

Sean O'Connor, Whitney Hassett, Kyle J. Glenn 
I Hire Punks
Airs on: INFRA and Story Gorge outreach materials, website, and social media 

Mando Rayo, Dennis Burnett 
Made Right Here Road Trip
Airs on: YouTube 

Visual Media—Short Form 
Handmade - How 60,000 Metric Tons of Salt Are Harvested from One of the World’s Saltiest Lakes
Airs on: Eater 

TrueSouth - Lake Village
Airs on: ESPN / SEC Network 

Eat This - What Everyone Gets Wrong About Farm Work
Airs on: AJ+ 

Visual Media—Long Form 
EatUp! New York
Airs on: ABC7 New York 

Somebody Feed Phil -Chicago
Airs on: Netflix 

Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition
Airs on: Hulu 

Social Media Account  
KJ Kearney 
Airs on: TikTok and Instagram 

Alexis Nikole Nelson 
Airs on: TikTok and Instagram 

Aleya Zenieris 
Buzzfeed Tasty 
Airs on: TikTok and Instagram

Audio Programming  
Dish City - How American Chinese Food Became Delivery Food
Airs on: WAMU and various podcast platforms 

Gastropod - Balls *and* Brains: The Science and History of Offal
Airs on: Vox Media Podcast Network and various podcast platforms 

Good Food - 'We Are Each Other's Harvest': African American Farmers, Land, and Legacy
Airs on: KCRW and various podcast platforms 

Audio Reporting  
Mackenzie Martin 
A People's History of Kansas City -  Kansas City's Barbecue King
Airs on: KCUR and various podcast platforms 

Lisa H Morehouse 
California Foodways - Home Baked: One Woman's Subversive Response to the AIDS Crisis; Owls, Swallows, and Bluebirds: Farmers’ Secret Allies
Airs on: KQED and various podcast platforms 

Dan Pashman, Emma Morgenstern, Andres O’Hara 
The Sporkful - A Reckoning At Bon Appétit; Update: Inside The Turmoil At Bon Appétit"
Airs on: Various podcast platforms 


The winners will be announced at the Media Awards ceremony in Chicago on the campus of Columbia College on Saturday, June 11, hosted by award-winning journalist, author, and host and executive producer of the new series Take Out on HBO Max, Lisa Ling. Check out the live stream on our Twitter on Saturday, June 11 at 5 P.M. CT. 

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