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Unbeatable Blintzes from a Beard Award Winner

JBF Editors

December 05, 2016


One of New York City’s oldest and most enduring purveyors of Jewish appetizing, a food tradition that centers around cured fish and dairy products (think: everything you’d typically eat with bagels), JBF America's Classics Award–winning restaurant Barney Greengrass is best known for its sable and salmon, but it also serves unbeatable blintzes. 

Golden brown and delicate, the blintzes are filled with lightly sweetened farmer cheese, a pot cheese with a soft but crumbly consistency that’s often used in eastern European cooking. If you can’t find farmer cheese in a store, you can make your own by pressing cottage cheese in cheesecloth overnight to remove the moisture—or ricotta or fromage blanc can also be substituted. Get the recipe to bring one of the Big Apple's most beloved culinary traditions into your own kitchen.


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