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Beard House Recipe: Miniature Crab Tortas with Jalapeño Sour Cream and Micro-Opal Basil

Hilary Deutsch

Hilary Deutsch

March 14, 2016


Miniature Crab Tortas with Jalapeño Sour Cream / Italian Seafood Celebration

Impress guests at your next dinner party with these addictive little bites of crispy crab heaven! Recently served at the Beard House by New Jersey chef Ryan DePersio, these elegant canapés were barely able to leave the kitchen without being instantly devoured. Sweet, succulent crabmeat is gently folded with shallots, chives, tarragon, and other aromatics; dredged with a light coating of panko bread crumbs to achieve the perfect crust; deep-fried to perfection; and finished off with a dollop of spicy yet refreshing jalapeño sour cream. We asked DePersio for the recipe, so make sure you whip up a batch or two for your next hosting gig. They won't last long, we promise.

Get the recipe here.

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Hilary Deutsch is editorial assistant at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram.