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Daily Digest: April 17, 2014

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

April 17, 2014



Could kosher certification convince more people to eat insects? The makers of these cricket-based protein bars hope so. [NY Mag]

Through the Open Source Seed Initiative, farmers and producers can plant crops without fear of violating intellectual property laws. [NPR]

A new fast-food hybrid: fried-chicken-nugget pizzas from Dominos. [LAT]

Meanwhile, Arizona Diamondback fans can enjoy all 3000-calories of this bacon-wrapped, cheddar-filled corn dog. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Infinite freshness, evil-repelling powers, and other myths about hot cross buns. [Smithsonian]

In Los Angeles County, Latinos find a foothold in the craft-beer industry. [LA Weekly]