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Daily Digest: January 23, 2014

Sunny Liu

Sunny Liu

January 23, 2014


Fishing boat

Sport fishermen are now reeling in excess fish to help feed local food pantries in Maine. [NPR]

No scout left behind: as Girl Scout cookie season begins,the organization is releasing a new, gluten-free treat at select test markets today. [LAT]

Monsanto takes a step back from GMO crops and into a new market: organic. [Wired]

Perfectly crafted and mixed before shipping, bottled cocktails trend its way into the U.S. from London. [WSJ]

A warning to gummy candy lovers: Haribo Gummy Bears may cause intestinal distress. [Atlantic]

It’s real: San Francisco’s first cat café, KitTea, is opening soon. [Eater]

The statistical battle over raw milk: do the health benefits outweigh the potential risks? [WP]