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Daily Digest: March 5, 2014

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

March 05, 2014



This beautiful infographic could help you find your new favorite beer. [Deadspin]

Remember Watson, the supercomputer that conquered Jeopardy! a couple of years ago? It's back, and it's creating novel recipes for a new food truck. [NPR]

Here's a conveyor-belt sushi set for children. [Kotaku]

A plea for American cheesemakers to stop imitating Europe and come up with unique names for their products. [Slate]

How chicory, a root that has been cultivated since ancient Egyptian times, wound up in the typical New Orleans cup of coffee. [Smithsonian]

Surprise: a new study says that lots of vegetables and only a little meat are the keys to a longer life. [NPR]