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Eat This Word: Crépinette

JBF Editors

August 15, 2016


WHAT? Porcine package. A small, sausage-like meat bundle whose name stems from the word crépine, meaning pig's caul: a pliable, thin membrane used by chefs as a casing for virtually any mixture of minced meats—duck, pork, lamb, veal, even chicken or fish. After the ground meat is flavored, often with truffles, and wrapped in the lacey caul, the patty is breaded and panfried with butter. While the crépinette sizzles in the skillet, the veins of fat in the caul melt, adding rich pork flavor to the meat. 

WHERE? Southern Road Trip at the Beard House

WHEN? Wednesday, August 17, 2016

HOW? Carolina Whole Hog Terrine with Sunchoke Relish, Boiled Peanuts, and Whiskey-Pickled Cucumbers; Barbecued Meat Loaf with Macaroni, Memphis Barbecue Sauce, and Creamy Herb Slaw; and Rib Crépinette with Alabama White Sauce and Gumbo Biscuit