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Food Reads: Another Reason to Love Beyoncé

Isabel Bass

July 29, 2016


Need another reason to love Beyoncé? She recently endorsed Wtrmln Wtr, a beverage company that minimizes food waste by using neglected watermelons to make a refreshing drink. [Modern Farmer]

Forgo the guac: embrace the versatility of creamy avocado and switch it up with this chilled soup recipe. [Saveur]

Scientists are trying to make the world’s finest wines more affordable by veering from traditional methods and replicating the complex flavors in a lab. [Food & Wine]

Fried chicken in a salad? Use this recipe to trick yourself into thinking your fast food is healthy. [Lucky Peach]

Summer camp without s’mores sounds like a tragedy, but in the Himalayas creamy chai tea, river-chilled watermelons and spicy curries are more-than-worthy substitutes. [Food52]

Could a broken coffee pot be the cause of multiple flight delays?. [Grub Street]

Cold food can be surprisingly tasty or very disappointing; instead of playing this guessing game, use this list to make the most of refrigeration. [Lucky Peach]

Finally, the utensil we’ve been waiting for all summer: the watermelon slicer. [NYT]