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Food Reads: Wine-Chilling Tips + Global BBQ

Isabel Bass

July 15, 2016


For many, summer greens mean refreshing salads, but why not mix it up by throwing your lettuce on the grill for a little char? [Food52]

Every time you throw ice in your wine a sommelier cries a little inside, so use these tips to chill your wine quickly without watering down the flavor. [Food & Wine]

French chefs are welcoming Syrian refugees into their kitchens with the hope of integrating new flavors while improving public perception of immigrants. [NYT]

It’s not just barbecue season in America; see how different cultures around the world fire up the grill. [Saveur]

A new study shows that not only are fruits and vegetables the healthier option, they are also the happier option. [Grub Street]

Monsanto is notorious for being the bad guy in the food industry, but where did its negative reputation come from? [Modern Farmer]

A new "food computer" could be the future of farming, allowing those living in difficult climates to grow their own produce.  [Food & Wine]

Go viral and make your own Black Tap shake with this sugar-packed recipe! [Lucky Peach]