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Greenhouse Gallery: The Jemima Code

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

February 27, 2012


The Jemima Code

For the next exhibition in our Greenhouse Gallery, journalist and culinary historian Toni Tipton-Martin brings us an engaging visual history of African American cooks in her collection of photographs, The Jemima Code. Featuring larger-than-life images of black women at work in the kitchens of slave and sharecropper cabins and shotgun houses throughout the South, these photographs, which have been selected from Tipton-Martin’s upcoming photo album and cookbook, The Jemima Code: A Gallery of Great Cooks Share Their Secrets, cement the women’s legacies and contributions to American cuisine. The show will be on view starting this Thursday, March 1, and will remain on display in the Greenhouse Gallery of the Beard House through April.