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Meet the 2015 Dining and Travel Journalism Award Nominees

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

April 02, 2015


It's impossible to truly experience a country without tasting the spices, fruits, and recipes of its native culture. Let our Journalism Award nominees transport you to exotic locales without the hassle of TSA screenings or checked baggage with these three investigations into the worlds of travel and food.

Brett Martin
“How the Vikings Conquered Dinner”

Neo-Nordic has crossed the Atlantic and captured the attention of the food world at large. Brett Martin explores how Scandinavian cuisine spread from Denmark’s iconic Noma to the rest of the globe. [pictured above]

Julia O'Malley
“Eating Well at the End of the Road”

Julia O’Malley travels to Homer, Alaska, one of the last true pieces of the American frontier, to see how residents farm and dine at the end of the road.

The Editors of Saveur
The India Issue

The editors at Saveur delve into the specifics of the subcontinent, highlighting India’s incredible diversity of regional cuisines and food cultures.