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Meet the 2015 Special/Documentary TV or Video Webcast Broadcast Nominees

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

April 17, 2015


As the concept of traceability in our food becomes a larger part of our culture, consumers are increasingly concerned about where their food and drinks come from. The nominees for the James Beard Award in Broadcasting, Special/Documentary, push the question one step further, asking us to consider the triumphs and sacrifices of the individuals that make our food, from coffee farmers on other continents, to produce laborers here at home, to the expert artisans crafting our cappuccinos or cocktails. 


A Film About Coffee
Director: Brandon Loper
Producers: Dalia Burde and Brandon Loper
Airs on:

Few beverages are as ubiquitous to the working world as coffee, but this drink also inspires passion and ardor far beyond an average cup of joe. A Film About Coffee explores the myriad spokes of the specialty coffee wheel, traveling across the globe and from bean to brew to introduce farmers, baristas, and all the java-heads in between. [Video above]

Food Chains
Host: Forest Whitaker
Director: Sanjay Rawal
Producers: Hamilton Fish, Smriti Keshari, Eva Longoria, Sanjay Rawal, and Eric Schlosser
Airs on: iTunes and Netflix

Produced by Eva Longoria and Fast Food Nation’s Eric Schlosser, Sanjay Rawal’s new documentary Food Chains reveals the real cost of our groceries through an in-depth look at the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a labor group of tomato pickers from Florida. This powerful film highlights the triumphs and tragedies of the individual farm workers who put the food on our plates.

Hey Bartender
Host: Douglas Tirola
Producers: Susan Bedusa and Douglas Tirola
Airs on: iTunes, Netflix, and Showtime
Hey Bartender, which premiered at SXSW, tracks the return of cocktail culture and the rise of the bartending as an artisanal craft. Featuring tales from the cocktail wizards like JBF Award winners Dale DeGoff and Jim Meehan, the film explores the undeniable allure of the lifestyle, be it under the bright lights of New York City, or the flickering neon of small towns across America.

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