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Recipe Roundup: Recipes for a Celebration

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

January 23, 2012



You may have kicked your Christmas tree to the curb and sworn off cookies for the foreseeable future, but here at the James Beard Foundation we are keeping the jovial atmosphere alive as we gear up for a year of festivities in honor of our 25th anniversary. Here are some of our favorite recipes for a celebration. Oysters with Crisp Shiitakes, Scallions, and Roasted Shiitake Mignonette A duo of fried and roasted shiitakes offers a rich, earthy contrast against sweet and briny oysters. Blini with Caviar Use a domestic caviar like American sturgeon, paddlefish, or salmon to top these dainty Russian pancakes. Oysters with Pink Grapefruit Granita and Marinated Cucumbers Fresh, citrus-laced oysters get a jolt of heat from spicy marinated cucumbers. Sinatra Smash Cocktail Black currant liqueur and whiskey make for a distinctively sweet and satisfying potion that's fitting for any festivity. French Seventy-Fives Like an upgraded Tom Collins, this refreshing cocktail is made with Champagne instead of soda water. Champagne Jelly with Golden Raspberries and Mint Use in-season citrus instead of raspberries for a  take on this elegant dessert. Orange Blossom Beignets A splash of fragrant orange blossom water invigorates these classic New Orleans fritters. Champagne Sorbet This Champagne-based frozen treat comes from James Beard’s iconic Beard on Food. Subtly sweet with a hint of citrus, this sorbet is an ideal finale for any feast.