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How to Solve Your Morning Breakfast Woes

Elena North-Kelly

April 14, 2017


Let's face it, weekday mornings are tough. Rousing yourself out of a deep slumber and into work isn't easy, especially with the added challenge of making and eating a filling breakfast to carry you through the day. While we can't solve your circadian rhythms, we can solve your breakfast dilemma: cookbook author Nick Haddow's delightful egg, bacon, and cheddar pies from his 2017 Beard Award–nominated tome, Milk. Made.: A Book About Cheese. How to Choose It, Serve It and Eat It.

"I have a bunch of mates that I regularly go fishing with and it has become an expectation that I will bring a batch of these pies onboard every time we go out," says Haddow. We certainly can't blame his mates. It's everything you want for breakfast—crispy bacon, gooey cheese, hearty eggs, and delicate pastry—all baked into bite-sized, thoroughly portable pieces of heaven. Make a batch this weekend, and you can hit snooze a little longer on Monday. 

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Elena North-Kelly is managing editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.