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Throwback Thursday: The Salad Days of NYC Greenmarkets

Meg Kilkenny

Meg Kilkenny

December 11, 2014


Locavores and foodies alike love the hub of New York City's Greenmarkets. With winter on the way, we are lucky to say we can still get local produce all over the city, all year round. About two decades ago, however, this was hardly the case.

A look back to our 1995 July/August issue of Beard House Magazine proves so, with what was, at the time, an impressive list during the peak season of summer. Brooklynites, prideful of their pioneering as a food center today, may be shocked to discover that their borough used to be home to only three markets! And in Queens? Forget about it! There were zilch during that time. Today, NYC boasts about four times as many greenmarkets. During the summers you’ll find 20 markets in Brooklyn alone, which is more than in Manhattan and Brooklyn combined in the summer of ’95!

So, although these upcoming days may be cold and grey, at least we can easily get some greens.

List of NYC Greenmarkets in 1995

Meg Kilkenny is an editorial intern at the James Beard Foundation.