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What We Read in 2015

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

December 31, 2015


Here are some of our favorite food reads from 2015. Catch up on this year’s trends, treats, and more while you count down to the new year.

Beef—it's what’s for dinner, and lunch, and breakfast: how the meat industry has influenced nutrition guidelines. [The Atlantic

A peek into the eternally inquisitive mind of Ferran Adrià. [NYT

The haphazard science and unlikely history of artificial flavors. [FWF

How the microbes in our guts may change the thoughts in our heads. [The Atlantic

2015 was the year we discovered that ramen baths exist. [FWF

Take a tour of the factory for Maldon salt, considered by many to be the “finest salt available.” [MUNCHIES

Before it was slammed with food safety scares, Chipotle was on a mission to make a better tortilla. [NYT

A new study from UCSF suggests removing added sugar could be the key to fighting metabolic diseases. [Quartz

Detroit may soon be home to the nation’s largest urban farm. [Modern Farmer

Crack open a can and watch this animated history of beer in America. [FWF

The power of crunch: how what you taste is influenced by what you hear. [The New Yorker