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Rebecca Mayotte

Rebecca Mayotte

November 13, 2015


Research shows two glasses of champagne per week can help prevent memory loss. We can all toast to that! [FWF]

Campbell's announces plans to overhaul its classic chicken noodle soup. [NPR]

Go beyond butternut with this complete guide to winter squash. [Food52]

Peek into Julia Child's French countryside home, where you can almost smell the coq au vin. [NYT

Government-mandated changes in labeling laws may crack down on the ubiquitous use of "natural" on packaged goods. [Modern Farmer]

How about a carne asada sushi roll? Here's the story behind Los Angeles's latest fusion cuisine. [MUNCHIES]

Tips for perfecting your pie crust, just in time for the holidays. [TheKitchn]

The future of plant breeding will be more flavorful thanks to the influence of today's chefs. [Grist]

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