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Rebecca Mayotte

Rebecca Mayotte

December 11, 2015


Twelve of the best bark and brittle recipes for twelve sweet days of Christmas crunch. [Bon Appétit]

From Per Se to Sadelle’s, Melissa Weller details her rise to bagel stardom. [Lucky Peach]

The latest design craze for millennials? The micro-kitchen. [NYT]

A potential holiday nightmare for Canadian chefs has been averted, thanks to a 4,000 ton shipment of emergency butter to ease the shortage. [MUNCHIES

A new app is bringing farmers’ stories to life on Nevada grocery store shelves. [Modern Farmer

Chipotle's CEO addresses the nation after a queasy quarter. [The New Yorker]

Do the benefits of greenhouse farming outweigh the added costs? [NPR]

Looking for something to wow your foodie friends this holiday season? How about an escargot farm? [Eater]