Events / Dinner

The All-Stars of Haiti

Fri, May 18, 2018

7:00 PM
The Beard House
Member Price: $135 Public Price: $175 Phone: 212.627.2308
Cancellation and Food Allergy Policy

Stephan Berrouet-Durand

Culinary by Design and the Haitian Culinary Alliance, Tampa, FL

Lucmann Pierre

Le Pierre Caterers, Burlington, NJ

Melissa Francois

Asu Rooftop Lounge, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Natacha Gomez

Kokiyaj Bar & Grill, Cap-Haitien, Haiti


Gregory Gourdet

Departure, Portland, OR

Jouvens Jean

JeanCo Food Concept, Miami

Alain Lemaire

Sensory Delights, Hollywood, FL

Paul Harry Toussaint

Agrikol, Montreal

As president and co-founder of the Haitian Culinary Alliance, Stephan Berrouet-Durand has made it his mission to introduce the world to the diverse, delectable cuisine of his homeland. For this special Beard House dinner, Berrouet-Durand and Lucmann Pierre have brought together a roster of Haiti’s top toques to collaborate on a decadent dégustation of the nation’s edible heritage.

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Hors d’Oeuvre

Prestige-Braised Short Ribs on Truffled Haitian Yellow Corn Meal

Legumes on Brioche Crostini 

Tom Tom Kalalou > Puréed Bread Fruit Dumplings with Okra Sauce and Crab

Smoked Hareng Chiktay on Cassava

Flag Day Punch > Rhum Barbancourt Traditional White Rum with Rhum Barbancourt Pango Rhum, Grapefruit, Lime, and Simple Syrup


Revolutionary Coconut Curry–Cinnamon Pumpkin Purée with Malanaga Cake, White Wine–Lemon Foam; Crispy Cabbage, Scotch Bonnet Red Pepper Dust, and Celery Oil Essence

Hispaniola Grog> Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star Rum with Vermouth, Maple, Orange, and Lime

Langouste with Yam, Green Foam, Green Tomato Chutney, and Passion Fruit Beurre Blanc 

Jetsetter > Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star Rum with Traditional White Rum, Absente Absinthe, Passion Fruit, Orange, Lime, and Cane Syrup

Spicy Smoked Pork with Barbancourt Rhum Wildberry Rum Gastrique, Watercress, and Turnip Purée

Antilles Cooler > Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star Réserve Spéciale Rum with Absente Absinthe, Sarsaparilla–Ginger Syrup, Lime, and Club Soda

Grilled Cashew-Encrusted Djon-Djon Rice Balls with Taino-Style Red Snapper and Creole Cream Sauce

Haitian Itch > Rhum Barbancourt Traditional White Rum with Belle Paire, Falernum, Cinnamon, Almond Extract, Mango, and Lime

Kabrit Kreole > Selecto Coffee–Rubbed Sous Vide Goat Tenderloin with Creole Sauce Sphere, Haitian Cinnamon–Vanilla Water Chestnut Brûlée, Macerated and Compressed Red and Golden Beets, and Crushed Black Garlic Plantains

Lost Navigator > Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star Rum with Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Orange, and Lime

Beef Shin with Dumplings, Yuca, Spinach, and Bay Leaf

Oloffson Cocktail > Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star Réserve Spéciale Rum, Byrrh, Dry Curaçao, Orgeat, and Bitters

Pain Patate > Sweet Potato Pudding with Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Yuzu Syrup, and Crunchy Coconut

Special thanks to Rhum Barbancourt for providing the pairings for this dinner.