TasteTwenty Chefs

In this iteration of the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America® culinary series, some of America’s finest chefs and changemakers will come together in 20 markets across the country to represent a shared mission of “Good Food for Good.” Together, this group, known as the TasteTwenty, will showcase their talents throughout the year at chef dinners and walk-around tastings, spotlighting the breadth and unity of culinary creativity across the nation. Check them out below!


Photography Credits: Chuck Knowak

James Beard Award Nominee  
Omar Anani 
Saffron de Twah 
Detroit, MI 


Photo Credits: Ellie Logan

James Beard Award Nominee  
Janet Becerra 
Seattle, WA 


Photo: Courtesy of Edible Beats

Marissa Caruana 
Denver, CO 

Photo Credits Courtesy of Maty's

James Beard Award Nominee  
Valerie Chang 
Miami, FL 


Photo Credits: Eva Kolenko

James Beard Award Nominee 
Emmanuel Chavez  
Houston, TX 


Lena Ciardullo
Union Square Cafe
New York, NY


Photo Credits: Rafael N Ruiz Medero

Raúl Correa 
Bacoa Finca & Fogón
San Juan, PR  


Photo Credits: Eric Wolfinger

Chef Bootcamp Alum 
Nelson German 
alaMar Dominican Kitchen & Sobre Mesa Afro-Latin Cocktail Lounge
SF Bay Area, CA 


Photography Credits: Farrah Skeiky

James Beard Award Semifinalist, Chef Bootcamp Alum, and American Culinary Corps Chef  
Jerome Grant 
Mahal BBQ 
Washington, D.C


Photo Credits: Shelby Moore

James Beard Award Semifinalist  
Donald Hawk 
Phoenix, AZ 

Photo Credits: Dallas Houston

Silver Iocovozzi 
Neng Jr.’s 
Asheville, NC 


Photography Credits: SBE

James Beard Award Nominee  
Lord Maynard Llera 
Kuya Lord 
Los Angeles, CA 


Photo Credits: Kayla French Photography

Geronimo Lopez 
San Antonio, TX 


Photo Credits: Josh Brasted Photography

James Beard Award Nominee 
Serigne Mbaye 
Dakar NOLA 
New Orleans, LA


Photo Credits: Joshua Chang

James Beard Award Nominee and Chef Bootcamp Alum  
Katy Millard 
Portland, OR 


Photography Credits: Monica Kass Rogers

Margaret Pak 
Chicago, IL 


James Beard Award Nominee  
Cassie Piuma 
Boston, MA 


Photo Credits: Mike Prince

James Beard Award Semifinalist  
Randy Rucker 
River Twice 
Philadelphia, PA 


Photo Credits: Explore and Adore Agency

Fernando Ruiz 
Santa Fe, NM  


Photo Credits: Angèle Sassy

James Beard Award Semifinalist  
Mailea Weger 
Nashville, TN