Worth Waiting For: Hot Doug's

Hot Doug's There are hundreds of hot dog joints throughout the city of Chicago, yet only Hot Doug's—the maker of gourmet weinies like the foie gras–sauternes sausage with sel gris and truffle aïoli—boasts lines that weave around the block and demand an hour of your time. Jamie Feldmar tells us why it's worth the wait. 
Hot Doug’s, Chicago
by Jamie Feldmar

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Ask a Chef: Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz Grant Achatz, who took home a 2009 Beard Award for his Alinea cookbook, shares his recommendations for Chicago restaurants. Find out where he likes to go for some late night grub, a date, or a lazy Sunday brunch.

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Eye Candy: Beard House

Tru Dessert Plates of smoked chocolate crémeux with naval orange, salted hazelnuts, and malted caramel, prepared by Meg Galus of Tru in Chicago. April 29, 2009, The Beard House, NYC (Photo by Philip Gross)

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