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The Blend Makes Burgers Better


Here’s why chefs are choosing to join this movement of blending finely chopped, umami-rich mushrooms with ground meat in burgers, and propelling forward the global food revolution around blending:

“The umami in mushrooms blends seamlessly with the burger to increase delicious flavor, moisture, and consistency.” — Jehangir Mehta, Restaurateur and Michelin-named “New York’s Most Sustainable Chef”, NYC


“The Blended Burger Project lines up with our restaurant’s—and our customers’—philosophies. We seek creative takes on the iconic burger, while our guests want to be served food that lines up with their health-conscious, sustainability minded, and active lifestyles. We call our burger #theblend, and it now generates 10 to 15% of weekly revenue.” — Fiore Moletz, Burgh’ers, Pittsburgh, PA.


“Shortly after the debut of our blended burger, we had lines of people eager to try it—some patrons coming in almost every single day. In the end, our little 30 seat (48 if you count outside) restaurant made over 2,000 burgers in two months! Selling 600 blended burgers during our burger bash week alone, all while still offering our regular menu.” — Toni Elkhouri, Cedar’s Café, Melbourne, FL.


“Typically, you hear about trendy restaurants and food trucks leading the way in food sustainability practices. We wanted to show that non-commercial food service can do it just as well. The Blend allowed us to offer our clients a burger that is healthier, more sustainable, and delicious to boot. It also didn't hurt that it was outselling our regular menu burger nearly 2 to 1 and increased our check average by 10%!” — Justin Robinson, Courtyard Café at Raymond James, St. Petersburg, FL.


“As a food truck, almost a year later and we still have people hunting us down to try our Blended Burger. Even people who consider themselves 'anti-mushroom' love it and can't believe how good it is. We embraced the mighty mushroom and incorporate it into every element of the burger. We don't get through a service without someone asking when this year's blended burger is going to come out. Our customers can't wait!” — Brandon Basista, The Bearded Chef, Melbourne, FL.


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