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Champagne Lovers' Menu

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

December 28, 2015


Planning a celebratory New Year's Eve dinner? You'll really be cooking with gas with this decadent menu composed entirely of dishes made with bubbly.

Champagne Jelly with Golden Raspberries and Mint

This delicate, palate-awakening hors d'oeuvre is the perfect starter for an elegant, Champers-themed meal.

Warm Oysters with Prosecco, Cauliflower, and Sorrel Soup

Chef Ethan Stowell makes this creamy, oyster-topped soup with Prosecco, but Champagne makes a luxurious substitute.

Champagne-Poached Prawns with Spicy Cucumber Salad and Green Curry-Coconut Sauce

A fiery green curry adds vibrance to this Thai-inspired dish from San Francisco seafood temple Farallon.

Champagne Sorbet

Start this orange-infused sorbet a day ahead of time to give the Champagne mixture time to cool before freezing in an ice-cream maker.